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Road to Atheism

Here we showcase a few accounts of people's road to atheism. Stories that describe the journey from Point B to Point Atheism. If you would like to see your story here feel free to email us at admin@sauceforall.com or submit it to your local organization, and watch for it to show up right here!

Disclaimer: The following stories are personal accounts of the de-conversion process from theism to atheism submitted by members of our community. Being that these entries are real life accounts of our members going through what many will deem as a "life-changing" experience it should be noted that some of these stories may contain language not suitable for the faint of heart.
Reader discretion is advised.

Peace, War, Reality, and Relief – Chris Dees

I was raised in a baptist household and I believed in the Christian god for about 20 years. My grandparents indoctrinated me and my parents supported it. My family, when they were in a religious mood, would talk a little bit here and there about our beliefs. They told me that I was a Christian, and like any child who has a trusting relationship with his family, I believed them. Let it be known that for the most part of my upbringing religion really didn’t play a role in my everyday life. Basically only on family get-togethers, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, was it really brought up. Also, since my parents were divorced in 1995 I would attend church with my Dad on the weekends which was when I spent time with him.

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Atheism and Me – Parsley Victorious

I’ve always been an atheist. I mean this quite literally; I cannot recall a time in my life when I believed in any god, in spite of my upbringing. I was raised in a Christian household, and my mother remains devout to this day. I attended Sunday school as a child, and Church every Sunday for the first seventeen years of my life.

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Short and Sweet – Mike


My parents had given up religion before I was born, therefore I did not have a road to non-belief.


My Atheistic Story – Jesse Sandstrom

This is my story for how I became an Atheist. It’s not a happy story, so don’t expect it cover up what our world truly is: Unpredictable and Cruel.

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Imagine There’s No Heaven – Billy Hubbard

“Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today”

I remember hearing this song for the first time when I was around 12 or so. I’m sure I had heard it many times on the radio, but I remember the first time I really stopped and listened to it. I was shell shocked. I couldn’t believe what he had said. “Imagine no religion”. How could there be no religion? How could there be no heaven? I was a little afraid at first. Afraid of the implication. Afraid of the way it made me think. But then almost instantly, it made perfect sense. I had felt uncomfortable around religion for awhile and this was the starting point of figuring out why.

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Deconversion Story – Ashlei Michelle

I wasn’t raised in a religious household. My parents were ambivalent about all religions for a number of years; they believed in God (and still do), of course, but no attempt was made to put me in the church. No, I chose to investigate it myself, at 16 years old.

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My Deconversion – Alan-Michael White

My deconversion wasn’t a single event. I believed quite strongly for many years, and it is in those years that my first baby steps would be taken. I had a strong love of science, because it explained to me how the world worked. I was exposed to a lot of bad science that confused me for a long time, but as my understanding of science became clearer, my belief system became more secular.

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The Long Road – John Bradley

The Beginning

Shortly after Katrina, I finished my application to MSMS and received an acceptance letter that summer. This was very exciting for me. This would be the first time I would be staying away from home for an extended period of time. I would be living in a new city with new people and new things to see. It would be the experience of a lifetime.

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